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Cashmere is a natural fibre that is best gently hand washed using a natural, mild soap, in lukewarm water.  Garments should be washed after approximately 6-7 wears to keep them looking their best.

Avoid agitation or extreme heat when washing and ensure the garment is gently rinsed in lukewarm water before being laid flat to dry, out of the heat and sun.

When dry, press with a damp cloth and cool iron. Store cashmere with cedar balls in a plastic bag to keep clean and moth free. Do not wring the garment or wash in a machine.  Although dry cleaning is an option, it is worth noting that the chemicals used in dry cleaning can be hard on cashmere fibres and may shorten the life of the garment.

Pilling (small balls of fibre forming on the garment) is a natural occurrence on cashmere caused by friction on garment, for example, a handbag strap. Pilling can be removed by pulling or carefully breaking the connection by hand or a pilling device.



Machine wash ideally at 40degrees.. The more you wash them, the softer they get. They can be gently ironed too. You may prefer to dry clean your larger fouta which is fine.

Tumble drying is not recommended.